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Personal Training with the Fitfarm

Do you promise yourself every year that you are going to do something about losing weight and getting fit?
Would you like to see the return of the body you had 20 years ago?
Are you training for an event and need some expert advice?
Are you fed up with paying out for gym memberships that you never use or don't give you the results you want?
Do you want to maximise the efficiency of your money?
Do you want to get in shape for that summer holiday this year?

We at The Fit Farm are highly trained and experienced Personal Trainers who will use their expertise and passion to get the most out of your time spent with us.

Whether you want to just Tone up and Shed some Body fat, Get Stronger and Fitter, Compete in a Triathlon/Mud run or Join the Armed Forces, we have all the equipment and knowledge to make your time spent with us both fun and rewarding whilst getting you the results that you want.

We can't promise that it will be easy, there are no magic answers or gadgets that will give you the body you want, it's down to good old fashioned hard work, sweat and good nutrition.

But if you are prepared to put in the work, we will work with you every step of the way to get you into the best shape of your life.

Have a look at our in-depth pages describing the types of training that we do.

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Are you getting the most out of your employees?
Think about cause and effect: what you put in - you get out...
Employees need to be nurtured, they need to feel valued. The more you 'do' for them, the more they are willing to do for you.

So, what strategies have you got in place to help:

  • reduce staff turnover
  • reduce time off work due to stress
  • promote a happy, productive workforce?

By getting involving with your staff's long-term health, you will quickly see the positive difference it can make to your company, you employes will feel far more valued!. Our corporate fitness trainers will help make your employees fitter and stronger through our Fit4Work Programme. You've got nothing to lose by finding out how we do this: Go to Fit4Work